This is the CLOWNS website, where you can communicate with them or others around the community of online gaming.  This site is best viewed 1024x768 or above.    To go back from a page you can use the large title on top of each page or use your browsers back button. 

Latest News

Unfotunately the CLOWNS server has been discontinued due to lack of interest.  We are glad that over the years we've been able to supply the communities with game servers for a few of the great games of their time.

 We may or may not be back in the future with a server for RS2 (Rising Storm 2 Vietnam), but time will tell.  We hope to see you all in our sites again some day and to pwn everyone the best that the CLOWNS can provide. 

We still can be found playing on other servers such as SNIPE_USA**1-SHOT-1-KILL**Custom-Sniper-Maps a Red Orchestra OSTfront 41-45 server.